Giclee is a term for prints being made using archival pigment ink and the highest quality paper. This is in contrast to standard prints utilizing dye-based ink. Dye-based ink prints, while cheap to produce and widely available, will begin to visibly fade within a couple years, and may have marked fading within 20, depending on care and daily UV exposure.
Giclee, in contrast, is theorized to last upwards of 100-200 years (though as of now, the exact amount of time is unknown, due to obvious difficulty with testing such protracted timelines). With proper care, giclee prints will keep their rich colors and contrast for an exceptionally long time.
At Alessandra Maria Studio, our team exclusively makes giclee prints, going a step beyond even the standard giclee and utilizing only 100% cotton paper, as well. We want you to have your print for life, an investment that can be handed down through generations.